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Digital Tools to Grow Your Financial Advice Business Part 1: Communication

Adopting the INN8 platform to seamlessly manage your clients’ investments is the first step; the next is to find what other digital tools can help you change the way you do business. 

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By now, it’s no secret that the ability to adapt and grow proves invaluable for any company’s growth.
Just like jumping on the INN8 platform to seamlessly manage your clients’ offshore investments, there are many more digital tool offerings out there that will change the way you do business.

Below is the first in a series of reviews of tools, websites and apps we thought might help you with your personal digital (r)evolution in other aspects of your business.

Please note: Not all are free, and most you will need to upgrade pricing plans for added benefits.


Transform the way you communicate and collaborate.


Collaboration apps come and go, but few have caught fire like Slack. At heart, Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration system on steroids. It gives your team the ability to divide conversation into channels, both private and public, as well as message each other directly. You can even build other apps into Slack so all your notifications are in one place. Pinch me, am I dreaming? Goodbye email inbox, hello Slack!


Not too sure how to respond to someone? CrystalKnows knows. A personality platform, it analyses a contact’s profile, breaking down the best way to respond to questions, how long to have a meeting for and whether the person likes small talk. Sometimes, it can get a little surreal.


If you have a knack for creating videos but only want to share them with your clients via a non-searchable link, Wistia is an incredible tool: once shared, feedback can be collected from time-coded comments. For those videos that you want to share with the public, you can post them to your website and limit embedding.

Oh, and Wistia provides stats on viewership and plays so you can see what your audience really cares about.


This article is the first in a series which we aim to inspire you to leverage technology to change the way you do business. To find out about more digital tools, click here.