The Practicalities of Investing Offshore

With August being Women’s Month, INN8’s Johannesburg-based business development manager, Arifa Essop, thought it the perfect opportunity to talk about investing from a female point of view.

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Although the basics of good financial planning are the same for both men and women, there are certain lifestyle and economic conditions unique to women. Women tend to live longer than men and earn less on average than their male counterparts while taking on additional family responsibilities. With this being said, women are definitely becoming savvy, financially independent and more involved in the investment decision making process. 

With the help of Heather Hopkins, an IFA and director of Blink Consulting, and Sarie Davies, co-owner of the Wealth Counsel, listen as the trio discuss how women’s views of investing have changed over the years – and why it’s never not a good a time to invest offshore.

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About Heather Hopkins

Heather started Blink Consulting, an independent fee-based practice, in 2012 after more than 11 successful years with Liberty as a marketing professional and later as one of their financial advisors. A Certified Financial Planner® with degrees in Business Management, Marketing and Financial Planning, she has a specific interest in behavioural finance – understanding how our own experiences and personality have an impact on how we deal with money and make financial decisions.

About Sarie Davies 

Sarie has been in the Wealth Management industry for the past 13 years, having started her career at Investec Limited. Currently, she is the co-owner of the Wealth Counsel which was established in 2011. She holds a BCom degree in Industrial Psychology, a BCom (Hons) degree in Investment Management and has successfully completed level 1 of the CFA exam.

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