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Digital Tools To Grow Your Financial Advice Business Part 6: Creative

Ever think your idea is the greatest, but you’re not too sure how to make it become a reality? In the sixth instalment of INN8’s Digital Tools series, we take a look at tools and apps that will help unleash your creativity. 

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It’s time to get that idea out of your head!

But just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you alone are able to bring it to life. That’s where collaboration comes in, whether it’s collaborating with someone from the other side of the world or a digital tool that unleashes your creativity.

In the sixth instalment of our Digital Tools series, where we explore various tools and apps that can help grow your business, we look at those which assist in creating, from concept to execution.

Please note: Not all are free, and most you will need to upgrade pricing plans for added benefits.


Sometimes, all you need to do is pull the information out of your head and plot it onto a single page. If you have a thing for mind maps, then Mindomo is for you. Although built for students, it’s a fantastic way to present your ideas if you have a habit of moving around a lot – because let’s be honest, that trusty slide deck from 2002 isn’t always conducive to jumping back and forth between thoughts.


Fiverr is your gateway to the world of creativity. Whether it’s building a website or getting someone to paint your portrait as an 18th-century royal, lists of freelance services are available, meaning with a few clicks you can do anything, available at various pricing levels.


Think you have flair for graphic design? Well, whatever your needs, Canva is here to help. An online graphic design tool, it helps non-designers produce quality CVs/presentations/letterheads/eBooks/menus/logos – you get the picture – with a template of your choice.

Before you go…We are on a mission to guide you through your personal and business (r)evolution with our Digital Tools series. Pop over here to learn how to improve the way your business communicates, operates and is conducted.