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Stop, Collaborate and Listen

At INN8, collaboration is very important – it’s one of our service promises and forms the underlying essence of how we are “adviser inspired”. Collaboration is innate to who we are.

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“What’s the point of having the best technologies—and living in the world we are living in—if we are not joining forces to make the world a better place.”

Pierre Nanterme

At INN8, collaboration is very important. In fact, it’s a part of our service promise, the underlying essence of how we are “adviser inspired”. Collaboration is innate to who we are.

From interacting with our colleagues to helping a client resolve a difficult issue, as a wealth manager who uses our services you will experience collaboration the instant you step through our metaphorical front door.

But how did we get here?

More importantly, why is collaboration important?

Collaboration is the key to our success and works best when everyone plays their part – after all, we are all in this together. By leveraging our team’s collective brilliance, we look for practical ways to work together more closely and understand how our roles affects wealth managers, their clients and INN8 as a whole.

It all begins internally

Although collaboration extends to every part of our being, it all begins internally. As a company, we are bound by our mission to be collaborative every single day. We don’t work from a top-down approach; rather, employees at INN8 are encouraged to seek out better ways of working together so we can solve the most difficult problems.

Having the mantra of collaboration playing through our day-to-day operations means that when a wealth manager calls our service centre, their requests are actively heard as this encourages long-term solutions instead of just solving the immediate problem. The problems are presented to every member of the team who then workshop to find the best solution.

…and extends externally

To ensure our platform is future proof, our external collaboration splits into two streams.

First off, to realise our vision of keeping our platform independent, we have adopted a modular approach in our design philosophy. It works by dividing the platform into smaller components or modules or features that can be independently developed.

To fulfil these needs, we have partnered with industry-trusted technology providers. Some of our partners include Morningstar who have built world-renowned tools and fund-rating systems, Dunstan & Thomas who have built an intuitive and accurate investment proposal tool, and Bravura who built the core Sonata transactional engine architected for wealth and investment.

This means that we have the best teams performing their best work across our platform.

Inspired by wealth managers

A similar philosophy is followed at our INN8 Connect sessions. Once a month, we meet with an avid and supportive base of wealh managers and their clients who have bought into and believe in our design philosophy. To bring their voice into the organisation, we explore their problems and workshop with them until we understand their needs. We then take these problem statements back to our designers and again workshop until we find the right solution.

At the next month’s meeting, we present these solutions to the same audience, who then have the opportunity to critique and refine. In that way, in a very short space of time, we have defined a problem, come up with a solution and tested it until it’s the right fit. This means we are constantly creating and evolving an end product that has much more value to wealth managers and their clients than having to wait 12-18 months.

At the end of the day, collaboration is what makes our ecosystem effective because we’re not just blindly focused on the end product; we want to take our users on the journey with us and we want our wealth managers and their clients to want to be part of our unique environment.

After all, the whole is better than the sum of the parts.

Written by

Michael Summerton

Michael Summerton

Solving problems is Michael’s forte. He’s also quick to see the practical side of business challenges and opportunities. Choosing a life in financial services over one in auditing, he feels most rewarded when connecting grannies with solutions that make their hard-earned retirement a little more dignified.

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