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will it make the
boat go faster?


6 lessons learnt from building a successful adviser business in really tough times

Stephen Tucker is a global leader in the financial services industry who managed to steer a large firm out of the ashes of the UK financial crisis into the massively successful business it is today.

Retired at the early age of 58, Stephen shared with us during a one hour webinar exactly how he navigated the rough waters to ensure the success of the The Fry Group now with assets under advice of £1.6billion.

If you want to know how to grow an advice business in a challenging climate
then this webinar is for you.

About the webinar

South Africa has had an extended tough economic period which continues to negatively affect business growth for many advisory firms. As we continue into the unknown, we want to know if it’s possible to grow an advice business in such a challenging climate and, if so, how?

This November, we will hear directly from a global leader in this industry who managed to do exactly that; Stephen Tucker steered a large firm out of the ashes of the UK financial crisis into the massively successful business it is today.

During the hour-long webinar, Stephen will uncover what it means to ask, “Will it make the boat go faster?” through six lessons he learnt during his time in the financial services industry.

This webinar is for you if you want to hear from an industry expert on how to:

  • Ensure your business is on the right track 
  • Learn how to identify possible pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Realise the value of culture and the people you hire 
  • Review this year and plan for next
  • Grow a business in a challenging climate


Born 1960, Stephen has spent the entirety of his career in financial services, commencing with a few years as a junior in a local tax office followed by various tax associated roles in accountancy firms he increasingly took an interest in financial planning and built a strong client list in his last accountancy firm which he left in 1994. He joined The Fry Group in the autumn of 1994 again building a client bank though a few loyal clients from his prior employment followed him.

He became the associate and later full director leading the firms UK team and in 2008 became chair and CEO of the group. Bringing the firm through the then financial crisis was a major challenge compounded by the demands of the firms family shareholding base and its pre existing final salary pension commitment. With the considerable assistance of a talented board and senior management team the firm recovered and flourished.

Stephen has a detailed understanding of the dynamics of larger IFA firms, is very well placed to assist those looking to consolidate or grow organically. He is also able to assist custodians/wrap platforms and investment/fund managers with hard earned experience of the IFA psyche and the drivers to success in this sector.

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