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OUTA's Wayne Duvenage Shares His Hopes for SA With Wealth Managers

Exquisite views of Table Mountain and the gorgeous De Grendel Wine Estate and Restaurant greeted attendees of the most recent edition of Dinner with INN8. Wayne Duvenage joined the group as the guest speaker and shared his inspiring thoughts on the future of South Africa.
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Wayne was the CEO of Avis when the debacle over E-tolls erupted. In his capacity as CEO, he attempted to find a solution to the vehicle rental industry’s issues during the implementation of E-tolls. This led him on a journey where he would eventually leave Avis and dedicate his attention to the E-tolls conundrum specifically and, later on, activism in general.

And so, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) was born. A civil rights NGO, OUTA’s vision is to work towards a prosperous country with an organised, engaged, and empowered civil society that ensures responsible use of tax revenues throughout all levels of government. The organisation is fully funded by the public and has grown substantially over the last few years, even prosecuting individuals accused of misappropriating public funds or beneficiaries of state capture.

Wayne shared a range of personal stories, including interesting material on the Gupta spy tapes, that kept the audience engaged throughout the evening. The message many took from his lessons was that the clock is ticking for wrongdoers: thanks to the ongoing efforts of dedicated individuals and organizations, corruption will be rooted out and the guilty brought to justice. While the wheels of justice may turn slowly, the gravy train of corruption has run out of steam and the priority of the rule of law has been re-established and will assist in holding people accountable.

There is opportunity for the everyday citizen to fight for our country’s potential. In our current political and economic climate, these hopeful and encouraging messages are sorely needed, and INN8 is honoured to host speakers who share diverse and stimulating insights.

It’s just another way in which INN8 is becoming the partner our wealth managers need in their business. Keep an eye out on your inbox for our next Dinner with INN8 invite and we hope to see you there!

About Dinner with INN8

INN8 is adviser inspired – we ensure that the adviser is always the centre of our universe and everything we do is created with them in mind. Our Dinner with INN8 series is one offering of our practice development hub, created to assist wealth managers in building their practice, going further than usual to bring real value to the wealth manager. The dinner series aims to create a peer-learning environment in a relaxed atmosphere, enabling wealth managers to connect with each other, learn from insightful speakers and share knowledge and insights with each other.

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