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Investing through the noise

How do you take a forward-looking approach when it comes to making investment decisions?

In October 2020, host Stephen Backhouse spoke with Foord Portolfio Manager and Analyst, Nick Balkin, about how Foord views and manages risk when managing client investments.

About the webinar

Investing through the noise

Superior long-term returns are generated by identifying and taking advantage of economic cycles. Buying at the right price is crucial – the price at which one purchases an investment dictates future returns: pay too much, and future returns are compromised. Investing with a margin of safety is critical to reducing the future risk of loss.

During this hour-long webinar, we will explore key investment themes, including:

  • How to analyse companies and avoid the dinosaurs
  • Why invest in market segments that are following structural tailwinds and ride the secular trends
  • The unchanged prognosis of long-term investments
  • The importance of good leaders and perceptive management team
  • How to manage the known unknowns

About Foord Asset Management

Foord is an owner-managed boutique built on the principles of investment stewardship. A multi-decade track record of successful investing evidences our capacity to consistently deliver superior investment returns for a range of investment strategies. Foord Asset Management offers a premium investment management service to long-term investors in investment funds and tailor-made portfolios. We construct diversified investment portfolios based on rigorous fundamental research, high conviction ideas and an adaptable, value-driven investment policy.

The understanding and management of risk is core to the Foord investment philosophy. We therefore take a forward-looking approach and make investment decisions today that aim to protect investor capital across an array of future possible outcomes, knowing that most of those possible outcomes won’t happen. Our business has been, and will always be, focused purely on investment management. This enables us to concentrate on portfolio management and client service – areas where we can add the most value. The longevity of the team is amongst the best in the industry. Many of the senior investment professionals have spent significant time at Foord.

The speakers

nick_balkin in the room with Foord

Nicholas Balkin

Portfolio Manager, Analyst

Nicholas is a portfolio manager on the Foord Balanced Fund, Foord Conservative Fund, and Foord Equity Fund. He has over 11 years’ investment experience at Foord, and was previously Head of Research in South Africa. 

Prior to joining Foord in 2007, Nicholas worked at Stern Stewart & Co, a global management consulting firm.


Stephen Backhouse

Head of Strategic Accounts

Stephen is a business development specialist with over 11 years’ experience in the asset management and platform industry. Stephen’s focus is all aspects involved in forging long-lasting relationships with strategic partners, more specifically the Discretionary Fund Managers and large Key Accounts, who are influential partners in our industry and are important stakeholders for the future proposition of INN8.

He was previously the head of Marketing and Business Development at STANLIB, where he was responsible for the Standard Bank relationship. Stephen obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from Rhodes University, and his Honours in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management from the University of Cape Town.

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