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Financial Emigration

Out with the old, in with the new


March 2021 sees the introduction of new financial regulations for South Africans already living overseas – or looking to move overseas. 

In this hour-long webinar recorded on 16 March 2021, Tim Powell, Director of Forex at Sable International joined Georgina Smith, Head of Distribution and discussed how we got here and the likely motivations behind these decisions.

About the webinar

1st March 2021 sees the introduction of new regulations for South Africans looking to move overseas, in particular the removal of the concept of financial emigration and the implementation of a three-year restriction on individuals being able to disinvest their retirement policies to facilitate their move overseas. 

This one hour webinar explores these new regulations as part of a series of webinars looking at all changes coming into effect this autumn. 

We’ll be looking at how we got here and the likely motivations of SA treasury and SARS behind this particular regulation. We’ll also explore why South Africans might previously have wanted to financially emigrate, the benefits of the new regulation, what this means for South Africans already living overseas and those thinking of moving overseas in the near future, and who is affected by these changes.

The speakers

Tim Powell Sable International

Tim Powel

Forex Director
Sable International

Tim has 25 years of work experience, including at the likes of Price Waterhouse Coopers, Combined Motor Holdings, BoE, Ernst & Young, JD Edwards in South Africa, Deutsche Bank, and 1st Contact Forex in London.

He started an online forex business in London before returning to South Africa. He then joined FX Capital, growing the business to annual trade in excess of R4 billion per annum.

In 2017, FX Capital merged with Sable International and Tim is now the director of Sable International’s South African forex business.

Georgina-Smith-1 (1)

Georgina Smith

Head of Distribution

Georgina holds a strong belief that you’re never too old to learn and that continual development helps people get better and stay motivated to provide an exceptional service in whatever line of work they are in.

Her two decades of experience across a variety of industries within a broad spectrum of companies, from start ups to large corporates, internationally and locally, has given her a diverse, fresh and welcome outlook to getting things done.