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Estate PLanning:



There are many reasons why financial advisers might steer clear of investing their clients’ money offshore, especially when it comes to getting to grips with concepts such as Grant of Probate, Situs taxes, Intestate Succession, executors’ fees, estate duties and capital gains tax.

Following the success of last year’s estate planning webinar, INN8’s Arifa Essop was once again joined by the Chairman of the Sovereign Group, Tim Mertens, this time to look at some of the more practical scenarios that you as a wealth manager might be facing with your clients.


About the webinar

To many of us, the idea of investing offshore is quite overwhelming as there are so many perceptions and thoughts around it. Many of us tend to shy away from it for this exact reason. This webinar will attempt to unpack the most important considerations you should be mindful of as a wealth manager when investing your clients offshore.

Based on the many requests we received after our first webinar in September last year which covered many of these critical aspects, we have decided that in order to be more practical, we are introducing various scenarios and case studies many of your clients may actually be experiencing. This will allow you to put these considerations into better perspective.

The concepts we will tackle which will help you understand offshore investing a little better include:

  • Probate
  • CGT implications
  • Estate Duty and Executors fees
  • Situs taxes
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Emigration
  • Intestate Succession

The speakers


Timothy Mertens

Sovereign Wealth

Tim was educated at St Andrews College Grahamstown and after completing national service in the SA Navy went on to study law at the Universities of Cape Town and Natal. He articled at prominent law firm DLA Piper Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr before joining Fedsure Holdings as Cape Regional Legal Advisor. He later entered the offshore services industry and often appears in radio and television on issues of cross border tax planning and changed in legislation. He is a founder member of the South African branch of STEP.


Arifa Essop

Business Development Manager

As a Certified Financial Planner®, Arifa spends her time engaging with wealth managers so they can create and grow the wealth of their clients.

At INN8, she is focused on building and maintaining strong, professional relationships, understanding the wealth managers’ strategic drivers and assisting them in delivering on their value proposition.

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