The future of advice


As South African advisers continue to adapt to a digital way of working, one might be forgiven for thinking that digital is the magic bullet for scalability. But now technology is not enough; businesses need to differentiate themselves in order to build a business of the future.

In August 2021, Riaan Singh, Head of Digital at PricewaterhouseCoopers chatted to Georgina Smith, Head of Distribution, about what you need to do to deliver your business at scale.

Watch now to learn how to successfully navigate the factors driving the future of advice and engagement.


The speakers

Riaan Singh-5804

Riaan Singh

Head of Digital

  • Award-winning executive motivated by improving the wellbeing of South Africans by delivering more effective & holistic services
  • Obsessed about delivering exceptional experiences, constantly learning, breaking things and having fun at work. And sneakers…
  • Over 20 years of experience working on business transformation across Financial Services in South Africa and abroad
  • Able to speak fluently across strategy, design and technology without an accent
Georgina-Smith-1 (1)

Georgina Smith

Head of Distribution

Georgina holds a strong belief that you’re never too old to learn and that continual development helps people get better and stay motivated to provide an exceptional service in whatever line of work they are in.

Her two decades of experience across a variety of industries within a broad spectrum of companies, from start ups to large corporates, internationally and locally, has given her a diverse, fresh and welcome outlook to getting things done.

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