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Also known as, the INN8 Invest launch

In April 2022, we took a deep dive into the world of discretionary investment management as we bring you our latest proposition, INN8 Invest.

The session kicked off with political analyst, Daniel Silke, who shared an assessment of the impact the current geopolitical tension has on both economic and political stability.

We then heard from INN8 Invest’s Head of DFM, Leigh Kohler who looked at the value an independent discretionary fund manager (DFM) backed by decades of institutional experience has in an advisory firm.

The live webinar was hosted by INN8’s Head of Distribution: Investment Platform, Georgina Smith and broadcasted live from Cape Town.

About the webinar

Geopolitical tension in a volatile world – the webinar will include an assessment of the impact of current geopolitical tension on both economic and political stability with a view to analysis growth projections, sectoral strengths and weaknesses and the broader economic impact on inflation and the costs of disruption. 

During the webinar, you can expect to gain insights into:

  • The impact of geo-instability on the global economy
  • Scenarios for the rise in inflation and costs of escalating military conflict on regional economies
  • Sectors like to gain from geo-political instability
  • Managing strategy and performance during periods of global instability
  • Shifting investor focus to regions and instruments to withstand geo-political uncertainty
You will also learn more about the role a DFM can play in an advisory service and how partnering with the right DFM can creative a multiplier effect in your advisory firm.

The speakers


Daniel Silke

Political Analyst
Guest Speaker

Daniel Silke is recognised as one of South Africa’s leading political economy analysts and most passionate keynote speakers. His success lies in blending both economic and political trends in highly accessible yet insightful physical and virtual presentations. As Director of the Political Futures Consultancy based in Cape Town, Silke serves a host of major global blue-chip companies with outstanding keynotes webinars and workshops aimed at the conference and events industries. He has over 15 years’ experience in delivering flagship presentations on Global, African and South African political and economic trends alongside providing essential strategic foresight for business entities large and small.

Leigh Kohler

Leigh Kohler

Head of DFM
INN8 Invest

Leigh understands that to successfully unlock to the future of investing, we need new ways of thinking, listening, and communicating. As Head of DFM, Leigh transforms the complexities of investing into easy-to-understand insights – if his grandparents understand, then he has achieved his goal of bringing the investment world to everyone.

Leigh started in the industry in 2003 and brings extensive discretionary fund management experience to the team, having held a variety of senior roles, from head of investment administration, head of asset manager research and head of investment and business solutions.

Waseem Abrahams

Waseem Abrahams

Head of Distribution
INN8 Invest

Waseem shares his mother’s passion for making a difference in the lives of investors through their advisers. With a strong belief of women empowerment, Waseem has managed to build a transformed and dynamic team that offers advisers the best support to achieve client outcomes.

Waseem started out in the industry in 2007 and has since moved up the ranks to fulfil a number of senior roles in the asset management industry. He has been in distribution for the past 15 years, working alongside advisers and guided retail strategy and has an understanding of adviser’s pain points.


Georgina-Smith-1 (1)

Georgina Smith

Head of Distribution
INN8 Investment Platform

Georgina holds a strong belief that you’re never too old to learn; that continual development helps people stay motivated to do their jobs better and build a good company culture. Her two decades of work experience has set her up as an excellent manager who builds business value through focussed teams using stretching, but achievable, targets.

Having worked across different industries in both large corporates and small to medium-sized firms benefitting from learnings across her international experience, Georgina brings a fresh, and welcomed, outlook to the team.