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The Power of Storytelling in the Adviser's Business


The Power of Storytelling in the Adviser’s Business

Every day we open our mouths or type emails to send messages to our clients. And we know that if those messages arrive safely in the clients’ hearts and minds then we can form relationships that will profit both sides.

But too many of our messages get dashed to death on the rocks of poor communication because we don’t know the secrets of making them land with power, presence and warmth.

In this webinar, Head of Distribution: Investment Platform, Georgina Smith spoke to David Pullan from The Story Spotters about how the stories we tell, the stories we hear and the stories that people infer through our behaviour are the key to building understanding and trust.

About the webinar

What you’ll learn:

  • Why stories are key whether you like it or not
  • What stories you need to be telling
  • How to create a narrative hook that grabs attention
  • How to use the main elements of story to keep that attention
  • How to deliver those stories with power and warmth

The speakers

Georgina-Smith-1 (1)

Georgina Smith

Head of Distribution: Investment Platform

Georgina holds a strong belief that you’re never too old to learn; that continual development helps people stay motivated to do their jobs better and build a good company culture. Her two decades of work experience has set her up as an excellent manager who builds business value through focussed teams using stretching, but achievable, targets.

Having worked across different industries in both large corporates and small to medium-sized firms benefitting from learnings across her international experience, Georgina brings a fresh, and welcomed, outlook to the team.


David Pullan

The Story Spotters

David Pullan is the joint founder and director at The Story Spotters, a UK based communications consultancy.

He and his partner, Sarah Jane McKechnie, have the sole aim of helping their clients to build deeply trusted connections through the power of story.

David’s particular specialism is in financial services business development and helping his clients to save their messages from dying on the rocks of complexity, boredom and indifference.

His client list is spread throughout the globe and includes FTSE100 CEOs, Big 4 Advisory teams, Tech Startup Founders and even US Navy SEALs.

Recently David has been working in the South African market helping advisory firms to spot, shape and share the stories that will stand out from the crowd.

He works with the strengths of his clients to help them adapt their communication to different settings, which increasingly means virtual communication.

Before becoming a Story Spotter, David spent 20 years as a professional actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, BBC and Paramount Pictures.

Outside of work you’ll usually find David on a tennis court, in a kitchen or watching cricket and wondering why he never captained Australia. (Spoiler alert: he was an average swing bowler at best).