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STANLIB Index Investments


How multi-style investing can enhance your client’s portfolio

Active investing offers great benefits, especially when it is based on a systematic process.

The STANLIB Index Investments team ensures they fulfill their investment promise to clients by establishing clear and simple objectives using rules-based strategies backed by sound academic research and practical experience.

Wach the webinar below to learn more about their approach to investing as In the Room host, Stephen Backhouse, chats with Head of Portfolio Management, Rademeyer Vermaak, about how the various metrics for investment styles are calculated for a portfolio.


About the webinar

Active investing offers great benefits, especially when it is based on a systematic process. Not only does it allow one to base investment decisions on data and evidence, but it removes the dangerous element of emotions from the decision-making process. The STANLIB Index Investment team adopts a systematic approach to providing clients the benefits of active investing to achieve their growth outcomes. The emotion is taken out of investing as a highly quantitative and systematic process guides stock selection across a number of different investment styles.

This webinar is effectively a masterclass on how the metrics for the various investment styles are calculated for a portfolio. One is able to view a portfolio as a stock and also compare how the derived metrics compare to that of a benchmark.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learning about the various equity investing styles
  2. An understanding of how investment styles and how the metrics for the various investment styles are calculated for a portfolio
  3. Understanding the various factors and elements that form data inputs into stock selection
  4. Understand the skill required to analyse funds

About the STANLIB Indext Investments

STANLIB Index Investments is a Franchise in STANLIB that manages systematic beta and alpha strategies. The team is comprised of ten highly qualified investment professionals, with over 110 years of combined experience. The team boasts a strong reputation, is optimally sized, and has depth and breadth of experience. The team is strongly resourced to be the center of excellence within the greater STANLIB in modern systematic portfolio management approaches which utilise cutting-edge programming tools, progressive evidence-based data analysis, and innovative portfolio construction techniques. STANLIB Index Investment believes that by taking a systematic, evidence-based, and rules-based investment approach they create portfolios that achieve clients’ desired outcomes in a transparent, cost-effective, and pragmatic manner.

In October 2019, 1nvest was launched, an investment management company which is a collaboration between Liberty Holdings, Standard Bank and STANLIB. The main reason for the formation of 1nvest was to create a single product proposition for the Standard Bank Group’s index tracking Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds. This meant that all the index tracking Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) funds were rebranded under the 1nvest name, however they kept their established track record and performance, and the STANLIB Index Investments team remains responsible for managing the assets.

Thus, the STANLIB Index Investments team manages a comprehensive fund offering which includes award-winning 1nvest beta solutions tracking a broad range of local and offshore indices as well as commodities; multi style capabilities using systematic active fund management to achieve alpha; and structured solutions with active asset management oversight to manage portfolio exposures. These solutions are available in wrappers such as Unit Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and segregated mandates.”

The speakers

Rademeyer Vermaak

Rademeyer Vermaak

Head of Portfolio Management
STANLIB Index Investments

Rademeyer started his career as an Electronic Engineer, and upon transitioning his career to the financial services sector, he worked as a Quantitative Analyst and Quantitative Fund manager in London. He came back to South Africa to join Fairtree Asset Management as Head of Quantitative Research and as Portfolio Manager of the multi-factor Smart Beta product suite. Rademeyer successfully developed and managed equity, hedge and multi-asset funds, as well as built the team of quantitative analysts. Rademeyer joined STANLIB in 2019.

Rademeyer has an MEng (Cum Laude) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Pretoria. He is also a CFA charter holder.


Stephen Backhouse

Head of Strategic Accounts

Stephen is a business development specialist with over 11 years’ experience in the asset management and platform industry. Stephen’s focus is all aspects involved in forging long-lasting relationships with strategic partners, more specifically the Discretionary Fund Managers and large Key Accounts, who are influential partners in our industry and are important stakeholders for the future proposition of INN8.

He was previously the head of Marketing and Business Development at STANLIB, where he was responsible for the Standard Bank relationship. Stephen obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from Rhodes University, and his Honours in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management from the University of Cape Town.

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