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Advising the Next Generation: Adding value in investment and retirement planning

There is a new investor on the block: a younger generation who is increasingly owning a larger portion of global wealth. One reason they are emerging is the “great wealth transfer” – where the wealth created by previous generations will change hands in the form of inheritance.

While this new generation of investors is digitally native and lives in a world of information overload, it might seem that the exclusivity of expertise has disappeared. Everything is available online, so who needs an expert?

In this publication, Advising a New Generation: Adding value in investment and retirement planning, we look at the new and upcoming generation of investors, how they think about wealth and investment, and how advisers should gear your practice to provide them with personalised financial advice that hits the spot.

Key points include:

  • What role an expert adviser can play in helping the new generations of investors, with their specific mindset, achieve their financial goals.
  • How drastic shifts in retirement culture and global finances have changed the game.
  • The curveball of cross-border retirement, with specific reference to the different generations it affects.
  • A discussion on the merits and pitfalls of AI-generated robo-advice and why AI is a tool to tailor and personalise advice for these generations, but never the whole solution.

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Please note: The information and scenarios discussed in this ebook are generic in nature and should not be construed as  advice. Clients should always take advice based on their personal circumstances.