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Changing the way investments are done.

Inspired by you,

The wealth manager of the future.

We partner and support wealth managers of the future: the financial visionaries who guide their clients through new and uncertain times, providing tailored and invaluable advice that helps their clients achieve their investment vision.​ 

We become the invaluable strategic partner by placing wealth managers and their clients at the heart of everything we do.​

We ask, listen, learn and design – and then implement – so that by collaborating with wealth managers, we find solutions that drive business efficiencies and provide a more inspired advisory service.​

We are constantly evolving, and have built an entire ecosystem of partners to help us change the way investments are done. ​

Our INN8 Invest DFM provides you with the investment edge your clients expect and deserve while our Investment Platform drives efficiencies in your practice by leveraging best-in-class seamless and elegant technology. ​

All of this to free up your time to do what you do best: advise clients.​

Meet the Team

As much as we like to talk about details such as elegant technology and straight-through processing, our people are the drivers. They are the originators of innovation and the essential interface with advisers. From the initial onboarding and integration, through to the learning phase and ongoing service, we create a symbiotic relationship to support you, the wealth manager who, in turn, helps us to refine our proposition.

Mickey Gambale
Executive: INN8

Michael Summerton
Head: Investment Platform

Georgina Smith

Georgina Smith
Head of Distribution: Investment Platform

De Wet van der Spuy

De Wet van der Spuy
Executive: INN8 Invest

Leigh Kohler

Leigh Kohler
Head: DFM

Waseem Abrahams

Waseem Abrahams
Head of Distribution: DFM

Our dedicated BDM and account manager team

We prioritise maintaining a strong relationship with you and your office. Our service team is committed to responsive delivery, collaborative problem-solving, and first-time resolution.



National Head of Strategic Accounts
Investment Platform


National Strategic Account Manager
Investment Platform


National Sales
Investment Platform


Western Cape
Business Development


Business Development

Janse Van Rensburg

Western Cape
Business Development


Business Development


Business Development


Business Development


Business Development


Western Cape
Business Development


Western Cape
Business Development


Business Development



Head of Distribution:


Business Development


Business Development


Business Development


Business Development

Meet Mickey

An unconventional executive with a need for speed (fast cars and even faster bikes), Mickey has over the last 20 years built up his business experience to include a vast range of financial service skills.

He really has done everything – from starting a micro-lending and E-commerce business to being an executive at corporate level – and has the tertiary education to back it.

Meet Michael
Solving problems is Michael’s forte. He’s also quick to see the practical side of business challenges and opportunities. Choosing a life in financial services over one in auditing, he feels most rewarded when connecting grannies with solutions that make their hard-earned retirement a little more dignified.
Meet Georgina

Georgina holds a strong belief that you’re never too old to learn and that continual development helps people get better and stay motivated to provide an exceptional service in whatever line of work they are in. Her two decades of experience across a variety of industries within a broad spectrum of companies, from start ups to large corporates, internationally and locally has given her a diverse, fresh and welcome outlook to getting things done.
Her passion is building great teams whether it’s sporting, charity or company teams. In her own words’ “there’s nothing you can’t achieve with a good team”.

Meet De Wet

De Wet van der Spuy has an affinity towards the challenge that investments industry present as well as how to optimise clientele and business outcomes in a forever evolving investment landscape. De Wet is a qualified actuary with 20+ years’ experience in the retail and institutional investment markets in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Meet Leigh

Leigh understands that to successfully unlock to the future of investing, we need new ways of thinking, listening, and communicating. As Head of DFM, Leigh transforms the complexities of investing into easy-to-understand insights – if his grandparents understand, then he has achieved his goal of bringing the investment world to everyone. 

Leigh started in the industry in 2003 and brings extensive discretionary fund management experience to the team, having held a variety of senior roles, from head of investment administration, head of asset manager research and head of investment and business solutions. 

Meet Waseem

Waseem shares his mother’s passion for making a difference in the lives of investors through their advisers. With a strong belief of women empowerment, Waseem has managed to build a transformed and dynamic team that offers advisers the best support to achieve client outcomes. 

Waseem started out in the industry in 2007 and has since moved up the ranks to fulfil a number of senior roles in the asset management industry. He has been in distribution for the past 15 years, working alongside advisers and guided retail strategy and has an understanding of adviser’s pain points. 

Meet Stephen

A strategic relationship specialist with experience in the asset management and platform industry, Stephen is responsible for strategic relationships at INN8. He holds a deep knowledge of investment products and a sound grasp of local and international markets and trends.

Meet Xavier

An experienced account specialist with a demonstrated history working in the financial services industry, Xavier’s skills include business process, business planning, investments, banking, customer relationship management (CRM), and retirement planning.

Meet Alain

Fascinated by the financial markets and driven to keep learning each day, Alain’s responsibility as Sales Manager is to oversee all BMDs, ensuring they maintain a healthy relationship with our wealth managers.

His skillset includes customer service, investments and management.

Meet Bjorn

Bjorn has always worked in a sales/BDM capacity even while working in a managerial / entrepreneurial role. His skillset includes management, financial analysis and leadership.

Meet Arifa

As a Certified Financial Planner®, Arifa spends her time engaging with wealth managers so they can create and grow the wealth of their clients. At INN8, she is focused on building and maintaining strong, professional relationships, understanding the wealth managers’ strategic drivers and assisting them in delivering on their value proposition.

Meet Ruan

As a Certified Financial Planner®, Ruan plays an active role in designing the overall distribution and business development strategy. His skills include business processes, investments, banking, customer relationship management (CRM), and planning.

Meet Caron

Caron’s role is to guide wealth partners through our new platform offering.

Her skills include building and maintaining relationships, team player, risk management, financial services and asset management.

Meet Pieter

Pieter’s skills include strategic thinking, relationship building, analytical thinking, as well as being a problem solver and team player.

Meet Victor

An experienced BDM with a strong consulting acumen, Victor Sethole looks after the IFA wealth advisers through forging new relationships and preserving our existing wealth manager partnerships as well as upskilling and training wealth advisers with a focus on national business trend analysis, business retention processes and proposition positioning

Meet Thato

From client liaison officer to key account manager to BDM, Thato Legodi has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of INN8’s investment platform and has been in the financial services industry for over eight years. 

Meet Douglas

Beginning his career in the financial services industry by helping social workers manage their budget, Douglas soon got into financial planning, teaching expats living in the UK how to manage their own money. His skills include strong communication, sales and marketing, collaborating, being a team player, and analytical and critical thinking.

Meet Carl

When Carl Chetty is not getting his classic guitar in tune, he is ensuring that his clientele investments are in tune with their objectives. Ultimately, his main aim is to make a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans which can only occur through a combination of good financial advice and well-managed investment portfolios.

Meet Bala

Bala is a Certified Financial Planner who joined the team in April 2022 from FNB Wealth and Investments, where she was also a Business Development Manager. Bala started her career at NMG Benefits, she has extensive experience in Financial Advisory including Retirement Planning, Business Assurance and Investments. Her experience across the financial services industry gives her a unique perspective on the daily challenges that advisors face. She completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning in 2017 and is passionate about providing solutions that empower Advisors.

Meet Koketso

Koketso has over 10 years of financial services experience ranging from reconciliations specialist to a senior fund accountant, showcasing her in-depth skillset when providing high level financial solutions to her clientele. Koketso has a burning passion towards the financial services industry and is currently studying towards the Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Meet Nomsa

Nomsa Selinda Is an investment professional with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services and investment management industry. She has eight years’ of investment experience, having joined STANLIB in 2014, initially working in the Retail Lisp area of the business before moving to Multi-Manager in 2017.

Nomsa is skilled in business development, customer relationship management and investment consulting. She holds a BCom Accounting from the University of Johannesburg and a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the University of the Free State