Today, consider us your digital personal assistant. At least for a moment.

Beyond streamlining operations and reminding you of your day’s tasks, digital tools can also help with the administration side of your business. Improving efficiency in your business means more time for your team to work together to ensure that you do what you do best, advising your clients.

INN8’s Offshore Platform isn’t the only tool that will help you. We have narrowed down the options of our favourite digital tools that will help you continue your digital (r)evolution.

Try these three tools before the papers pile up. Again.

Please note: Not all are free, and most you will need to upgrade pricing plans for added benefits.


Receipts, hey. Piles and piles of little slips of paper are a lot easier to lose than if you had to snap a digital version of them.

With Expensify you can take a picture of a receipt and then throw the paper away – and you can even submit the recorded receipts monthly to your administrator.


If you haven’t heard of or used Dropbox by now you might as well go join the ostriches in Oudtshoorn. A great tool for storing documents in the cloud, virtual access means accessing the files from anywhere in the world. With a massive focus on security, Dropbox is committed to keeping your files private.

Best is you can share files and folders with people regardless of whether they’re on Dropbox or not.


Sometimes, it’s nice to send a little holiday cheer with a pretty email – but creating one from scratch might be out of your depth. That’s where Mailchimp comes in. Design an email, pop in your email database, click send and a few days later, pop back on to see how many people opened it.


Before you go…We are on a mission to guide you through your personal and business (r)evolution with our Digital Tools series. Pop over here to learn how to improve the way your business communicates, operates and is conducted.