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Transforming the investment landscape
through purpose built technology.

The benefits of using our platform

The INN8 Investment Platform is built with the financial adviser at the centre of our universe. We created a retail investment solution that ensures compliance from day one, is focused on simple and easy digital journeys, and saves client information so you never have to re-key it.

All this to save you time so you can do what you do best: advise clients.

Transforming the
investment landscape

Fully Digital 1

Fully Digital

Simple client onboarding and seamless straight-through processing means you can go from completing a quick quote to having a client’s money in the market in just under a day without printing a page.

Fully Digital 1

Fully Digital

Simple client onboarding and seamless straight-through processing means you can go from completing a quick quote to having a client’s money in the market in just under a day without printing a page.

Smart design and
innovative features

As a strategic partner to the South African wealth manager, we work with you to provide a technology solution that fits into your business. The INN8 Investment Platform is an end-to-end investment platform solution that integrates systems such as a powerful client registry and transactional engine, automated cash and unit reconciliation, integrated risk management, regulation 28 monitoring, digital investment proposals, bank account validation, market-leading research tools and a contextual
digital guide.

How our PCA works

Each investment is allocated its own cash account.

As a cash management tool, the PCA holds 2% of the investment account balance and allows for easy fee and withdrawals payments and reconciliation for advisers.

One of the first of its kind in South Africa.

Open Architecture

Open Architecture

The INN8 Investment Platform’s open architecture provides access to a wide range of investment options from various fund providers.

And to help you make better investment decisions for your client, we offer a clean priced fund list which includes funds that have passed our rigorous operational due diligence. All to enhance your
investment choice.

Your journey
into the future

Local Investment Solutions

The INN8 local platform provides pre- and post-retirement solutions, discretionary investment and tax-free savings products, and tax efficiency and estate planning via endowment wrappers.

Investment Account

An investment account is ideal for saving towards medium- to long-term goals.

It caters for a wide range of client investment needs ranging from income generation, capital protection, capital growth, and goal-based savings, amongst others.

Tax Free Savings Account

A tax free savings account is a tax efficient way to save 
for a long-term goal.

It is suitable for someone who wishes to save and protect their investment returns from tax. It is a popular option for individual investors and parents wishing to save for their children.
Retirement Annuity
A retirement annuity is a tax efficient way to save for retirement.

It is ideal for anyone who wishes to save towards their retirement, and is a suitable option for those who are self-employed, are irregular earners or who want to put away additional retirement savings in addition to any contributions to an employer pension or provident fund.
Preservation Fund
A preservation fund is a tax efficient investment designed for individuals who wish to preserve their retirement savings from their employer’s pension or provident fund.

The fund is suitable for anyone who has left their employer and would like to save and grow their existing retirement savings.
Living Annuity
A living annuity provides you with a regular income from your retirement savings.

You have the flexibility to choose and adjust your level of income (within the legal limits) and the frequency at which you receive income payments according to your changing needs. This product may be suitable for you if you are looking to leave money to nominated beneficiaries should you pass away.
An endowment policy helps save in a tax efficient way for a medium- to long-term goal.

It’s useful for estate planning purposes as beneficiaries are able to receive the money from the investment immediately upon the death of the nominated life assured’s, and there are no executors’ fees payable.
Sinking Fund
A long-term insurance policy for legal entity clients.

It has similar features, benefits and restrictions to that of an endowment policy but there is no life assured.

Investment Administration Fee

We have a simple, transparent and competitive pricing structure. When calculating local platform fees, we aggregate all client assets and accounts, including any offshore investments.


First R2 million


Next R2 million


Above R4 million

The above are inclusive of VAT (where applicable) and subject to a minimum annual fee of R276.

What makes our platform truly offshore

Domiciled in Jersey, our unique offshore solution can add real value to your practice and to your clients’ portfolios. There are no VAT charges on the platform or tax deducting within the portfolios and tax reporting is still provided.

Invest your client’s assets in one of the six available currencies: United States Dollar, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc & Euro.

Our fund lists are designed to help you make confident investment decisions.

No minimum investment term and no minimum investment amount, however there is a minimum fee of US$10 per month.

The cash and transfer in specie accepted process is fully facilitated by our expert offshore support team.

Unlimited offshore

Regulation determines an institution’s offshore capacity within their retail products.

The INN8 product range has significant retail offshore capacity – you can get your client the offshore exposure they require within these products: living annuity, endowment and sinking fund.

Our offshore funds

As a wealth manager, investing via a single platform that acts as an administration service for your clients’ investments simplifies your business processes. Click below to view the funds available on our platform


Our Offshore Solutions

Offshore Investment Account

An offshore investment account allows you to diversify your assets by gaining exposure to more than one international currency.

It offers access to a broad range of clean-priced unit trusts and ETFs across a number of international currencies. It is simple to open and provides estate planning via joint ownership and consolidated reporting.

Offshore investment administration fee

We have a simple, transparent, and competitive pricing structure. When calculating investment administration fees, we aggregate all client assets and accounts.


First US$350 000


Next US$650 000


Above US$1 million

Being truly offshore domiciled, platform administration fees do not attract VAT. A monthly minimum fee of US$10 applies.

Our Service Promise

Responsive delivery

Adding new business is really easy - and the search function gets you to where you need to be and fast.
Our service promise


By leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we empower you to make informed decisions that shape your financial future.
Our service promise


We collaborate with you, the adviser, to understand what you need and deliver what is most important to you.
Our service promise
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