Long has the role of personal assistant been deemed for females only – but Shirwyn Weber is changing that. Personal assistant to INN8’s Chief Operating Officer, Caroline Naylor-Renn, he recently received the prestigious title of South Africa’s PA of the Year 2019 on Secretaries Day, 4 September 2019.

And the team could not be any more pleased. “Everyone at INN8 is incredibly proud of Shirwyn’s achievement,” says Caroline. “He is an absolute key member of the team and it just proves what we already knew: he is truly awesome at his job.

“Our partnership means that I am twice as efficient as I would be on my own. It is a pleasure to work with him and we are very lucky that he is part of our team.”

As the first male to receive this award in South Africa, Shirwyn will no doubt continue to be a vital role model and inspiration for a new generation of males studying office administration and office management. “It is a huge honour and privilege to receive this award,” said Shirwyn. “Being the first male to do so is a move towards debunking the stereotype that this profession is for females only. It also validates all the years of hard work and dedication to my craft.

“I wish to let other male assistants who do not think this role is for them, whether they are studying business administration or work in an admin role, to know that it can be the most rewarding profession.

“Well done to all the amazing assistants who took part in the competition and to the judges that made the final decision, thank you for acknowledging my hard work.”