Financial Emigration: Out with the old, in with the new

1 March sees the introduction of new regulation for South Africans already living overseas or looking to move overseas. In a one-hour webinar, Georgina Smith chats to Tim Powell about how we got here and the likely motivations behind these decisions.

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Cultivating a Culture That Allows for Adaptability

Over the past few months, we have had to adapt unlike ever before. Defining our company culture goal – to create an environment where different people with a digitally-first mindset feel at home – has helped with this transition.

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Navigating Your Offshore Plan

While our own international travel might be curtailed for the next few months, it doesn’t mean your money can’t still find new opportunities and even in a time of negative sentiment, market volatility, and frightening forecasts the reasons for investing offshore still hold true, explains Head of Proposition, Michael Summerton.

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RDR & Cat 2 Licences – What’s on the Horizon?

In a continuation of our last RDR session, this hour-long webinar offers insight into the proposals regarding changes to the Cat 2 licence.

Georgina Smith, INN8’s Head of Distribution, is once again joined by Jennifer Anderson, our Head of Product, and they unpack the different types of investment management being tabled, how DFMs fit in, and if it’s likely that the Cat 2 requirements are going to get stricter.

For those advisers using a Cat 2 to sign client instructions, you may need what the regulator calls a “mandate for convenience” – and the duo helps you to understand what this means.

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RDR & Investments – What’s on the Horizon?

Are you up to speed with RDR papers published in December? Do you understand the impact they could have on your practice?

This June, join Georgina Smith, INN8’s Head of Distribution, as she chats to Jennifer Anderson, Head of Investment Platform and Communications, about the latest developments on all things RDR.

The one-hour crash course will cover the latest developments on all things RDR, from adviser categories and independence, licensing, model portfolios, and category 2 licenses, to gap filling and using products outside of your home group.

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