The idea of investing offshore is an overwhelming one for many. On the one hand, financial advisers are wary of taking client’s money offshore and, on the other, clients aren’t exactly sure what their offshore options are or what they will look like in the long term.

Reasons for this lack of information can vary; from assuming the process is too complicated to thinking that offshore investment is only for the super, super wealthy.

Louise Usher has heard several of these myths again and again -and again – and thought that there’s no better time than now to dispel five of the most common myths about investing offshore.

After all, there’s that looming elephant in the room in we all need to think about.

The 5 Myths of Investing Offshore

  1. 0:14 – Investing internationally is only for the super, super wealthy
  2. 1:28 – Investing offshore is complicated
  3. 2:39 – Investing internationally is terribly expensive
  4. 3:46 – You measure performance by converting to rands
  5. 4:42 – Paperwork is worse than a trip to the dentist

Watch below as Louise tackles each myth to put your, and your client’s, mind at ease bout investing offshore:

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Oh, and did we mention it’s completely paperless?

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