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Our Truly Offshore Investment Platform

INN8’s investment platform offers a wide range of clean-priced funds and ETFs in up to six currencies, with no minimum investment amount or term prescribed.

Wealth management as it should be.

United States Dollar, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Euro

No VAT charges on the platform or tax deducting within the portfolios. TAX reporting is still provided.


Our fund lists are designed to help you make confident investment decisions. 

No minimum investment term and no minimum investment amount, however there is a minimum fee of US$10 per month.

Discretionary fund managers and Cat 2 advisers can create and distribute model portfolios.

Fully digital with straight-through processing, the platform is supported by a dedicated team.

The cash and transfer in specie accepted process is fully facilitated by our expert offshore support team.

Our fee structure is easy to understand, delivers real value for money, and is fully RDR compliant.


Demystifying Offshore Investing

It’s no secret that most of the world’s best investment opportunities exist outside of South Africa – but for many, the thought of investing offshore can be daunting.

Our range of offshore investing resources aims to help you demystify these myths and offer simple solutions to what appear to be complex problems.

In our video series, Head of Distribution, Georgina Smith, asks Head of Proposition and Marketing, Michael Summerton, some of the tough questions of investing offshore as they debunk some of the most common myths. Click below to watch:

Myth 1: How Difficult Is It to Get My Money Offshore?

Myth 2: How Will Tax Affect My Offshore Investment?

Myth 3: Should I Move All My Money Offshore at Once?

Myth 4: How Do I Choose the Right Funds to Go Offshore?

Myth 5: Should I Be Hiding My Money Offshore to Avoid Tax?