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7 Secrets to a successful WEBsite


Are you looking to understand how to improve your website to reflect who you are as a business?​

Your website is your firm’s shop window and a key business generation tool. 

But if it’s difficult to navigate, cluttered and unengaging, clients will click away. Your business deserves more.

About the webinar

If you want to connect your ideal clients, your website must be easy to navigate, visually engaging and inspire action – but it also has to be secure, SEO-optimised and compliant.

That’s easier said than done, right? Wrong!

Faith Liversedge shares simple steps you can take to improve your website so it’s technically up-to-date, reflects who you really are as a business, and attracts the clients you crave.

You’ll find out how to make your website…

  • Connect with the ‘right fit’ client – and filter out the wrong ones
  • Look visually engaging without using cheesy stock photography
  • Show your expertise without just listing your qualifications
  • Move your client to take action, not just visit
  • Be able to go back to your desk and make sure your website is…
    • Compliant
    • Optimised for search engines like Google and Bing
    • Enhanced for your professional partners

We’ll show you what best practice look like, taking a look at sites from the profession and beyond…and we’ll give you tips you can implement straight away.

This is for you if…

  • Your website was a temporary fix that’s now become permanent
  • Your business has changed, but your site hasn’t
  • You know what you should be saying, but not sure how to say it
  • Your clients are visiting, but not taking action
  • You want to drive traffic organically instead of relying on paid leads
  • You feel your website looks like everyone else’s

About Faith Liversedge

Faith is a highly imaginative communications expert, with over 15 years’ experience of creating distinctive and award-winning marketing content and campaigns.

Faith started her career in journalism working at the Press Association, but moved into marketing in 2003 when she relocated from London to Edinburgh. She’s worked for Standard Life, Prudential, Royal London and Nucleus.

At Nucleus she created a number of innovative, eye-catching and award-winning campaigns realising that if she can make finance exciting then she can make anything exciting…

So in April 2017 she set up on her own to help financial advisers and financial services providers to tease out their messages, find their unique value and create engaging and laser-focused content designed to reach and convert their target audience and make their businesses more profitable.


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