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We are Truly

Simple, transparent, and easy to use

INN8 Purpose Built Platform

What makes our platform Truly Offshore

Domiciled in Jersey, our unique offshore solution can add real value to your practice and to your clients’ portfolios. There are no VAT charges on the platform or tax deducting within the portfolios and tax reporting is still provided.

Here are some of the features that make our offshore investment platform truly offshore:

You are able to invest your client’s assets in one of the six available currencies: United States Dollar, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc & Euro.

Our fund lists are designed to help you make confident investment decisions. 

No minimum investment term and no minimum investment amount, however there is a minimum fee of US$10 per month.

The cash and transfer in specie accepted process is fully facilitated by our expert offshore support team.

Unlimited offshore opportunities

 Regulation determines an institution’s offshore capacity within their retail products. The INN8 product range has significant retail offshore capacity – you can get your client the offshore exposure they require within these products: living annuity, endowment and sinking fund.

Our Offshore Funds

As a wealth manager, investing via a single platform that acts as an administration service for your clients’ investments simplifies your business processes. Click below to view the funds available on our platform:

Offshore platform fees

We have a simple, transparent, and competitive pricing structure. 

When calculating platform fees, we aggregate all client assets and accounts.

  • First US$350 000 0.50%
  • Next US$650 000 0.25%
  • Above US$1 million 0.15%

Being truly offshore domiciled, platform administration fees do not attract VAT. A monthly minimum fee of US$10 applies.


By offering a highly competitive, transparent, and world-class solution that helps you, the adviser, manage your clients’ offshore assets in real time.
The INN8 On-boarding Team will assist you until you are comfortable with the core INN8 Offshore Investment Platform functions. After this, the INN8 contact centre will be available to help you with any questions or queries.
They can be contacted by:
Phone: +27 87 551 0899 (All calls charged at local rates)
We are required to validate the identity of all clients and connected parties in line with the global standards of customer due diligence.
The evidence required to validate corporate and individual client identities are detailed in the document called “INN8 Customer Due Diligence” located on the INN8 Offshore secure website.

The client record will be created automatically on completion of their registration. Once satisfactory evidence to support their application has been submitted and customer due diligence checks completed you will be able to view the client record and transact on the client’s behalf. It is also at this stage that client monies will be applied to their platform account.


Under normal circumstances this will take no longer than two working days from submission of satisfactory evidence.

In the event of our Compliance Department referring the application due to high risk client indicators being identified, this process may take longer.

All client monies and assets are held securely by Pershing (Channel Islands) Limited, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Pershing  is a global provider of banking and custodian services. These assets and monies are reconciled to individual client holdings each working day.
Your fees will be paid within the first five business days of the next month, as long as your total fees due are more than the minimum threshold of $250. Where this is not the case, the fees will continue to aggregate until they reach the $250 threshold and will then be paid at the beginning of the following month.