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The Elephant In the Room


80% of the time, the light at the end of the tunnel, is not a freight train.

In this hour-long webinar,  chief economists Annabel Bishop and Kevin Lings spoke to host Max du Preez to assess South Africa’s status quo, midway through 2021.

During the conversation, they blend a serving of macro economics with a helping of political and policy changes topped with just a slice of COVID.

Watch now for this special edition of our In the Room webinar series and gain the insight you need to have confident client conversations for the rest of the year.

The speakers

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Annabel Bishop

Chief Economist
Investec Bank Limited South Africa

Annabel Bishop joined Investec in 2001, and has worked in the macroeconomic, risk, financial market and econometric, among other, fields for around 25 years.

Annabel is the holder of the Sake/Beeld Economist of the Year title for 2010 and has won numerous monthly Reuters Econometer awards, and various Focus Economics (Economic Forecasts from the World’s Leading Economists) categories for correctly forecasting a range of economic variables. She has authored a wide range of in-house and external articles, published both abroad and in South Africa.  She has also guest lectured at Gibbs, the University of Pretoria, Wits, UJ and other academic institutions, and has presented at various national and international conferences.

Kevin Lings

Chief Economist

Kevin Lings is the chief economist at STANLIB and as a core member of the STANLIB investment team, Kevin’s economic research and assessments directly feed into and inform the company’s asset allocation strategy. 

Kevin’s career as an economist began with the Nedcor Group where he remained for ten years. He then spent two years at JP Morgan as an economist. Kevin holds a B.Com Hons in Economics from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Max du Preez

Political Analyst

Cape Town based Max du Preez is a veteran South African journalist, author, and public speaker. He is a highly regarded political analyst because of his deep insights into the political dynamics of the last three decades, his access to the main political actors and his honest, forthright approach.

After graduating in Political Science at the University of Stellenbosch in 1973, he worked as a newspaper journalist covering South African politics and the conflicts in its neighbouring states.

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