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The Art of Selling

The Intimacy Curve

Another Insightful INN8 webinar

This is a webinar for anyone who finds themselves in the business of selling.

In October 2023, host Michael Summerton got into the details of the Art of Selling with Georgina Smith

In this hour-long session, the duo unpacked how Georgina’s notion of the intimacy curve can help you understand influence, how to move along the intimacy curve, why sales is a team effort, and how ‘no man’s land’ is the worst situation to be in.

The theory stems from Georgina’s extensive experience in all aspects of sales and her perceptive observations of how people tend to operate.

Learning outcomes include

Selling has become a dirty word – but it shouldn’t be. Every day we meet people, in whatever walk of life we find ourselves, and try to influence a situation or an opinion. We may not be aware that we’re trying to influence, but human nature has this amazing ability to unconsciously plan for the unforeseen, and influencing is much easier when people like and respect you.

The intimacy curve is a key concept in sales that describes the level of trust and rapport between a salesperson and a buyer. By understanding it, salespeople can increase their chances of success by identifying the right type of sale, where they are on the curve, and how to move the relationship forward. The intimacy curve is a team sport, and everyone in the organization can play a role in moving prospective clients up the curve.

In this webinar, you can expect to learn: 

  • Identify the type of sale you have in front of you
  • Identify where you are on the intimacy curve
  • Identify the next steps
  • How to move your relationship along the intimacy curve
  • The value of team effort in sales
  • Explore outcomes of a sales and what to do next
  • How to move out of ‘no man’s land maybe’

The speakers


Michael Summerton

Head of Proposition
INN8 Investment Platform

Michael started his career as an Audit Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, before joining Allan Gray in various retail EXCO roles, including Head of Retail Finance, Head of Client Experience and Product Development Senior Manager. 

In 2017, Michael moved to Liberty to head up Proposition for the Group Investment Platform & Marketing of INN8, the independent investment platform brand of the group and was core to the team that launched the platform. Choosing a life in financial services over one in auditing, he feels most rewarded when connecting grannies with solutions that make their hard-earned retirement a little more dignified.

Georgina-Smith-1 (1)

Georgina Smith

Head of Distribution
INN8 Investment Platform

Georgina holds a strong belief that you’re never too old to learn; that continual development helps people stay motivated to do their jobs better and build a good company culture. Her two decades of work experience has set her up as an excellent manager who builds business value through focussed teams using stretching, but achievable, targets.

Having worked across different industries in both large corporates and small to medium-sized firms benefitting from learnings across her international experience, Georgina brings a fresh, and welcomed, outlook to the team.

In 2006, Georgina was the highest-ranked female referee in the world.

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