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The Synergy of Investment Success

INN8 Invest Summit

The inaugural INN8 Invest Summit hosted a variety of interesting speakers from across the asset manager industry.
Explore below to gain insight into topics, from balanced funds to what the future of asset management might hold.

Why Haven't All Managers Maxed Their Offshore Opportunity Set?

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Moderator Richo Venter, Joint Head of Portfolio Management for INN8 Invest, is joined by M&G’s Leonard Kruger, Prescient’s Bastian Teichgreeber, and Allan Gray’s Jacques Plaut to discuss the reasons behind some managers not fully capitalising on offshore investment opportunities, exploring potential barriers and strategies to overcome them. 

  • Offshore allocation challenge: Many South African asset managers have not fully utilized the 45% offshore allocation for Regulation 28-compliant funds. 
  • Asset allocation considerations: Some managers are cautious due to concerns about moving too much offshore, as local assets are considered cheap. 
  • Role of offshore teams: Having a strong offshore team can aid in making the most of global opportunities while managing risks. 
  • Asset allocation focus: The emphasis is on getting asset allocation decisions right, as they have a significant impact on investment success. 
  • Collaboration between passive and active managers: While active managers focus on selecting individual stocks, passive managers prioritize asset allocation, emphasizing the importance of both approaches. 
  • Offshore allocation differences: The optimal offshore allocation varies between different fund types, such as high Equity balance funds and more stable funds. 

The Future of Asset Management

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INN8 Invest’s Executive, De Wet van der Spuy, sat down with asset manager CEOs, Hendrik du Toit of Ninety One, Anton Pillay of Coronation, and Derrick Msibi of STANLIB to discuss the evolving landscape of asset management, shedding light on future trends and potential innovations. Not to be missed. 

  • The asset management industry, with significant influence in South Africa, faces challenges related to unlocking economic growth and influencing government policies. 
  • The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) plays a crucial role in engaging with government and regulators, with a structured approach involving various committees. 
  • Industry collaboration and effective communication are essential to convey the industry’s competitive advantage and relevance in driving economic growth. 
  • South Africa possesses a sophisticated investment management industry, but there is a need for clearer communication to emphasise its value. 
  • Maintaining the right balance between industry growth and regulation remains a dynamic challenge, with a need to adapt to changing circumstances.

The Case for Flexible Income Funds

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Carl Chetty, an INN8 Invest PM, led this panel discussion with Granate’s Bronwyn Blood, STANLIB’s Sylvester Kobo, and Aluwani’s Conrad Wood, that highlighted the advantages and potential benefits of flexible income funds for investors in various market conditions. 

  • Flexible income funds in South Africa, particularly multi-asset income, have gained popularity and compete with money market funds in terms of flows.  
  • Over the last 2.5 years, most multi-asset income funds have outperformed money market funds due to active management and a broader toolbox. 
  • The ability to adjust duration, be nimble, and leverage diverse opportunities are keys to success in this sector. 
  • Flexibility in asset classes, such as inflation-linked bonds and corporate bonds, allows for strategic diversification. 
  • Managing risk is a critical aspect of these funds, with the goal of delivering consistent, real returns to clients.  
  • Drawdowns can occur but are generally less severe than those in the broader bond market, highlighting the importance of risk management and diversification.

Are multi-asset flexible funds just balance funds on steroids or watered-down hedge funds?

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Melvyn Lloyd, Portfolio Manager for INN8 Invest, was joined by Bateleur’s Warren Riley, 36ONE’s Cy Jacobs, and Truffle’s Iain Power, to delve into the characteristics and performance of Multi-Asset Flexible funds, addressing the misconceptions and examining their role in diversified portfolios.

  • The importance of a top-down macro-overlay to understand the global economic landscape to enhance decision-making. 
  • A need to find the best risk-adjusted return opportunities in the current market. 
  • The role of small, nimble firms in managing flexible funds and adapting to changing opportunities. 
  • Incorporating both bottom-up and top-down approaches in investment strategies. 
  • The importance of understanding the economic cycle and central bank actions in making investment decisions. 
  • The potential for generating alpha through a flexible approach and the significance of having a diverse asset mix.

Are managers still interested in SA?

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Jennifer Henry, INN8 Invest’s Deputy CIO, moderated a panel between Coronation’s Neville Chester, Laurium’s Murray Winckler, and Fairtree’s Jacobus Lacock. They discussed the current state of investment interest in South Africa, examining challenges and opportunities that may impact manager decisions. 

  • Interest is influenced by factors such as economic challenges, load shedding, immigration trends, and global opportunities . 
  • Multi-asset high equity categories hold significant retail assets, making it essential for managers to remain interested in the market. 
  • South African equities should not be viewed in isolation; offshore factors, including global developments, impact returns in the country. 
  • Sectors of the South African market, including resources, offshore defensive companies, and SA Inc., are each influenced by unique drivers. 
  • Offshore sentiment plays a role in fund manager decisions. 
  • The concentration of market influence in South Africa may provide some defence in the face of global market fluctuations.

Global - does it make sense to use SA managers to manage the global component of your portfolio?

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Our global portfolio manager, Kent Grobbelaar moderated this discussion, featuring Sands Capital’s Danielle Menichella, Ninety One’s Duane Cable, and JP Morgan’s Amit Parmar. They explored the advantages and potential drawbacks of using South African managers to handle the global portion of investment portfolios.

  • The significance of location in global portfolio management. 
  • The role of diverse teams and collaboration across different locations in managing global portfolios. 
  • The importance of in-depth research, the size of the analyst team. 
  • Exchange control relaxation in the UK. 

Location Matters 

US-based managers benefit from proximity to leading global growth businesses, such as tech giants like Meta, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia. 

Collaborative research and diverse teams across multiple locations are essential for effective global portfolio management. 

Investment Strategies 

Effective research, a substantial analyst team, and a concentrated portfolio are key factors for generating alpha in global investing. 

Exchange Control Relaxation 

The UK experienced a shift from domestic to global equities in investment portfolios following exchange control relaxation, sparking discussions about the potential implications for South Africa. 

The past, present and future of platforms (LISP)

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Lucky Mokoena, Head of Client Experience at INN8 Invest, lead this panel with Allan Gray’s Mahesh Cooper, Ninety One’s Daryll Welsh, and INN8 Investment Platform’s Michael Summerton. They discussed the impact of future platforms on the asset management industry and how investors can leverage these advancements.  

  • The evolving landscape of LISPs and platforms. 
  • The role of technology and service quality. 
  • Independent financial advisers play a pivotal role in the platform market, with an increasing need for efficient technology, support, and sophisticated client solutions. 
  • The development of digital-first platforms and integration with advice tech firms is changing the platform industry, creating a central hub for advisors and clients. 
  • Key trends in the South African market include platform consolidation, replatforming, and the integration of advice tech firms. 
  • Regulation is a significant challenge, with a new aim to shift from process-based to principles and outcomes-based regulation

The Hybrid Approach with
Richo Venter

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INN8 Invest introduces a unique “hybrid approach” to accommodate a 45% offshore allocation. In this session, Richo Venter showcased our innovative approach, which focuses on adapting portfolios to a 45% offshore allocation. The “hybrid approach” combines specialist and multi-asset approaches to investing, emphasizing flexibility and optimizing offshore opportunities. 

  • Traditional approaches like building blocks and multi-asset strategies are compared
  • The importance of asset allocation and offshore flexibility, pushing the boundaries between 30% and 45% offshore allocation 
  • The “hybrid approach” selects top managers, both locally and globally 
  • Building portfolios like custom cable TV packages, offers clients the best of both worlds 
  • AI’s role in the context of expanding opportunities within the hybrid approach. 
  • Fund portfolios and manager selection illustrate the approach’s effectiveness

Browse below for a view of our guest speakers

Anton Pillay-INN8 Invest

Anton Pillay

Coronation Fund Managers

Bastian Teichgreeber

Bastian Teichgreeber

Prescient Investment Management

Conrad Wood INN8 Invest

Conrad Wood

Head: Fixed Income
Aluwani Capital Partners

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Danielle Menichella

Portfolio Manager & Sr. Research Analyst
Sands Capital

Derrick-Msibi INN8 Invest

Derrick Msibi


Hendrick du Toit

Hendrik du Toit

Founder & CEO
Ninety One


Jacobus Lacock

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

justice malala invest

Justice Malala

Political Commentator


Michael Summerton

Head of Proposition
INN8 Investment Platform

Neville Chester

Senior Portfolio Manager

Warren Riley

Analyst & Co-Portfolio Manager on Equity Fund and Flexible Fund

Amit Parmer INN8 Invest

Amit Parmar

JP Morgan

Bronwyn Blood Granate

Bronwyn Blood

Portfolio Manager

Cy Cable 36one inn8 invest

Cy Jacobs

Co-Founder & Director
36ONE Asset Management

DWelsh INN8 Invest

Daryll Welsh

Head of Product
Ninety One Investment Platform

Duane Cable 91

Duane Cable

Head of SA Quality & Portfolio Manager
Ninety One

Iain Power_Cropped

Iain Power

CIO & Director
Truffle Asset Management

Jacques Plaut_Invest

Jacques Plaut

Portfolio Manager
Allan Gray


Leonard Kruger

Portfolio Manager
M&G Investments

4257_Mahesh Cooper_INN8 Invest

Mahesh Cooper

Allan Gray


Murray Winckler

Laurium Capital

Sylvester-Kobo INN8 Invest

Sylvester Kobo

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager


Carl Chetty

Portfolio Manager

Jennifer Henry

Jennifer Henry

Deputy CIO

Leigh Kohler

Leigh Kohler

Head: INN8 DFM


Richo Venter

Joint Head of Portfolio Management (SA)

De Wet van der Spuy

De Wet van der Spuy



Kent Grobbelaar

Head of Portfolio Management (Global)

Melvin Lloyd

Melvyn Lloyd

Portfolio Manager

Lucky Mokoena CAMB2291 (1)

Lucky Mokoena

Head of Client Experience


Meet Anton

Anton was appointed as CEO of Coronation Fund Managers in February 2013 and has been a member of the Board since June 2009. He joined Coronation in January 2006 from BoE (Pty) Ltd, where he held several key positions and directorships. Anton has extensive knowledge and experience of the investment and banking industry. He is a director of various Coronation subsidiaries and is the Chairperson of the Association for Savings and Investments South Africa.

Meet Bastian

Bastian joined Prescient Investment Management in August 2015 as a Portfolio Manager and was responsible for various multi-asset strategies. In 2018, he stepped into the role of Head of Prescient’s Asset Allocation Capability and in 2019, to Head of Investment Research. In 2021, Bastian was promoted to Chief Investment Officer.

His tenure includes developing actively managed investment strategies across asset classes and he has been closely involved with the management of optimal fixed-income allocations within Multi-Asset Class Funds.

Bastian holds a BA (Honours) degree in Banking and Financial Management from the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education in Germany and in 2009, he obtained a Master of Science in Banking and Financial Management from the University of Liechtenstein. He’s a CFA Charterholder and completed his Financial Risk Manager Certification in 2012.

Meet Conrad

Conrad is the Head of Fixed Income Strategies at ALUWANI Capital Partners (Pty)Ltd since the inception of the business in Dec 2015.

Prior to this, Conrad was the Head of Fixed income at Momentum (2012 to 2015) and RMB Asset Management (2007 – 2012) prior to that. Conrad has been responsible for oversight of the Fixed Income team including portfolio management, research, execution, new business development, and client relationships over the last 17 years. In the previous 12 years of his career, Conrad was a Fixed Income analyst and a Portfolio Manager.

Meet Danielle

Danielle Menichella, CFA is a Sr. Research Analyst and a co-Portfolio Manager of the Sands Capital International Growth and Global Shariah strategies. Sands Capital is an active, long-term investor in leading innovative businesses, globally.

Ms. Menichella joined Sands Capital in 2013 as a Research Analyst on the Global Industrials Sector Team, primarily covering automotive, machine vision, and specialty chemicals/materials businesses. In 2020, she was elevated to Sr. Research Analyst and also joined the Global Shariah portfolio management team. Ms. Menichella was named a co-Portfolio Manager of the International Growth strategy in 2022.
Prior to joining Sands Capital, Ms. Menichella was a Senior Analyst at Ashmore Equity Investment Management. She began her career as an Analyst at Emerging Markets Management.

Ms. Menichella earned an AB from Duke University (1997).

Derrick Msibi

As head of one of SA’s iconic asset management companies, Derrick has a deep commitment to ensuring STANLIB makes a positive contribution to society’s developmental goals, while helping investors to protect and grow their financial futures and dreams. Since his appointment as STANLIB Asset Management’s Chief Executive Officer in May 2017, Derrick has spearheaded a new direction for the business, focused on implementing technology to improve investment and back-office efficiencies, forging links with international partners to extend the group’s offering to its clients, and rationalising the suite of funds to appeal to a changing market. Under his leadership, STANLIB is aiming to become the most progressive asset manager. This is setting the scene for long-term growth.

Derrick started his career in the asset management industry at Old Mutual Investment Group. In the course of his career, he has held senior positions including Executive Director: Marketing and Distribution, Executive Director: Alternative Investments, Corporate Finance Analyst and Portfolio Manager, and Head: Alternative Investments. His broad experience has given him a deep understanding of investment management, corporate finance and general management in the financial services sector.

Meet Hendrik

Hendrik is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ninety One. He entered the asset management industry in 1988 and joined Investec Group in 1991, founding Investec Asset Management, which rebranded to Ninety One in 2020. He also served as Joint Chief Executive Officer of Investec Group from 1 October 2018 until the demerger and listing of Ninety One from Investec Group on 16 March 2020. Hendrik is a Non-Executive Director of Naspers Limited and its European subsidiary, Prosus. ​

Meet Jacobus

Jacobus Lacock joined Fairtree in 2011 where he is the macro strategist, co-manages the alternative fixed income strategy, and is lead portfolio manager for the Fairtree Balanced Prescient Fund. Prior to taking up these roles in 2016, Jacobus was co-portfolio manager on the multi-strategy team responsible for capital and asset allocation across strategies.

Before Fairtree, Jacobus spent 5 years at Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) in London where he was the UK head of fixed income and currency product management. At GSAM Jacobus built and monitored global and emerging market interest rate solutions. Jacobus Lacock is a CFA charterholder and has a B Comm (Hons) degree in Economics at the University of Stellenbosch.

Meet Justice

Justice Malala is the author of the new book The Plot To Save South Africa: The Week Mandela Averted Civil War and Forged a New Nation, published in Canada, the UK, the USA, and South Africa. He is an award-winning journalist, television host, political commentator, and newspaper columnist. Malala’s work has been published internationally in the Financial Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Times of London, and many others.

Meet Michael

Michael started his career as an Audit Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, before joining Allan Gray in various retail EXCO roles, including Head of Retail Finance, Head of Client Experience and Product Development Senior Manager.

In 2017, Michael moved to Liberty to head up Proposition for the Group Investment Platform & Marketing of INN8, the independent investment platform brand of the group and was core to the team that launched the platform. Choosing a life in financial services over one in auditing, he feels most rewarded when connecting grannies with solutions that make their hard-earned retirement a little more dignified.

Meet Neville

Neville is a Senior Portfolio Manager with 25 years’ investment experience. He joined Coronation in 2000 and co-manages the Coronation Top 20 and Market Plus unit trust funds.

Meet Warren

Warren joined Bateleur in 2016 as an investment analyst. He has been working in the investment industry since 2006, most recently as head of investments at a private wealth firm.

Before this, he functioned as an analyst and portfolio manager at Cadence Capital and business analyst at Allan Gray. Warren is the co-portfolio manager on the Bateleur Flexible Prescient Fund and the Bateleur Equity Funds.

Meet Amit

Amit Parmar, vice president, is an investment specialist within the J.P. Morgan Asset Management International Equity Group, based in London. An employee since 2011, he previously worked as an analyst in the Investment Bank prior to joining the Private Bank. Amit holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Warwick.

Meet Bronwyn

Prior to joining Granate in December 2015, Bronwyn was the Portfolio Manager of the Flexible Fixed Interest funds and the flagship Absolute Yield Fund at Cadiz Asset Management. She took over the management of the Flexible Fixed Interest funds when Cadiz bought African Harvest in 2006 and managed the Absolute Yield Fund from 2007.

Meet Cy

Cy is a co-founder and director of 36ONE Asset Management and heads the investment team. Cy has been in the financial services industry for over 27 years.

Before 36ONE, he was a portfolio manager at Investec Securities, where he was head of the Opportunities Mandate. Prior to that, Cy was a Director at HSBC, where he jointly managed the Nedbank Entrepreneur Fund. Cy completed his accounting articles at Kessel Feinstein (later acquired by Grant Thornton).

Meet Daryll

Daryll is head of product for Ninety One’s platform business – Ninety One Investment Platform and is responsible for the overall platform proposition.

Daryll joined the firm in September 1999 as a multi-manager research analyst and later went on to become portfolio manager on Ninety One’s multi-manager portfolios. Prior to joining the platform on a full-time basis in 2010, he was a member of the global product development team at Ninety One.​

Daryll graduated from the University of the Free State with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree in Money and Banking and in 2018 completed the PLD at Harvard Business School. ​

Meet Duane

Duane is a portfolio manager in Ninety One’s Quality team and heads the South African Quality business. He is a co-portfolio manager of the Cautious Managed Strategy. He is also responsible for analysing South African stocks. As part of the broader global Quality team, he researches global stocks. ​

Prior to joining the firm he was Head of SA Equities at Coronation Fund Managers. He also managed absolute return strategies, including co-portfolio management of the Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund. Before that he was a manager in the Transaction Advisory Services division of Ernst & Young in New York, involved primarily in financial due diligence advisory services re mergers and acquisitions.

Duane has a Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Accounting) from the University of Natal. He is a Chartered Accountant and member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and is a CFA® charterholder.​

Meet Iain

Iain has been part of the Truffle team since 2010 and has over 30 years of industry experience. He began his career at RMB Asset Management in 1993. In his 16 years with the company, Iain held various positions including serving as a member of the Board of Directors and the Management Board, as well as fulfilling the role of a senior investment professional in the equity team. Iain’s move to Truffle was part of his decision to move from the corporate environment into a smaller owner-managed asset management business where he could be part of building a larger concern.

Meet Jacques

Jacques joined Allan Gray as an equity analyst in 2008.

He began managing a portion of the equity and balanced portfolios in 2013 and was appointed as a portfolio manager in 2015. Jacques holds a BSc in Mathematics from UCT and is a CFA® charterholder.

Meet Leonard

Leonard joined M&G Investments in October 2020. He is currently the joint Portfolio Manager of the M&G Balanced, Inflation Plus, SA Equity and Target Income Funds, as well as the Namibian Balanced and Inflation Plus Funds.​

With 14 years of investment management experience, Leonard spent the first three years of his career as an actuarial analyst at a large South African insurance company, before joining one of the country’s largest asset managers as an equity analyst in 2007. During his investment career he has covered a wide variety of companies and sectors. He has previously managed portions of top-performing equity and multi-asset funds across all asset classes, as well as segregated private client equity portfolios.​

​Leonard holds an Honours Degree in Business Science (Actuarial Mathematics) from the University of Pretoria and is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.​

Meet Mahesh

Mahesh is the chief operating officer. He rejoined Allan Gray as an executive director in May 2022, having served as a non-executive director since July 2020.

He was previously employed at Allan Gray between 2003 and 2017, serving as an executive director from 2006 to 2017 and heading up the Institutional Clients team for over a decade. Mahesh holds a Bachelor of Business Science degree from the University of Cape Town and a Master of Business Administration from the Institute for Management Development. He is a qualified actuary.

Meet Murray

Murray is the co-founder of Laurium Capital, an alternative asset manager founded in 2008. Laurium Capital manages four hedge funds, in South Africa, Sub-Sahara and Zimbabwe.

Previously Murray was CEO of Deutsche Bank RSA having worked for them for 12 years. Prior to his role as CEO, Murray held various positions at Deutsche including: Head of Global Markets (Debt and Equity) and Head of Research. During his tenor, Deutsche Bank held the number 1 rating in research, sales, trading and debt/equity capital markets in numerous surveys. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Murray was a Partner, Strategist and Industrial Analyst with Ivor Jones Roy and Co Inc. Murray has a B Com from University of The Witwatersrand, is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and a CFA Charterholder.

Meet Sylvester

Sylvester is the Deputy Head of Fixed Income and a senior portfolio manager managing Bond and Income funds. He started his career in 2009 at Absa Capital as a quantitative analyst focusing on pricing and management of risk on all derivative products. He joined STANLIB in 2013 on the Money Market desk before moving to the Bond team.
His qualifications include a BSc Honours degree in Pure Mathematics and master’s degree in finance and investments (Cum Laude), both from Wits University in Johannesburg. He also completed an Executive Education programme at INSEAD, the Management Acceleration Programme.

Meet Carl

When Carl Chetty is not getting his classic guitar in tune, he is ensuring that his clientele investments are in tune with their objectives. Ultimately, his main aim is to make a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans which can only occur through a combination of good financial advice and well-managed investment portfolios.

Meet Jennifer

Industry experience – 17 years 

Jennifer joined the team in 2014 from Standard Bank Group Securities where she was an Equity Analyst, highly rated in covering Media, Electronic and IT stocks for a number of years.  Early on in 2016, she joined the EXCO of INN8 Invest/STANLIB Multi-Manager, driving a strong people and culture change within the business.  As of 2017, she headed up the portfolio management for retail clients within and at the end of 2019, Jennifer took up of the role of Head of Strategic Investments and Manager Research, which includes overseeing the portfolio management of Liberty’s Alternative asset portfolios. Jennifer has been appointed to Deputy CIO and takes on the joint responsibility for the governance and oversight of our investment performance, take on accountability for the development or acquisition of data, systems, and tools for the investment team.  

In addition to being a CFA Charterholder and a certified Financial Risk Manager, Jennifer is also a board member of the CFA Society of South Africa, and has been president since September 2021. Jennifer is passionate about ethical investment leadership, investment education and diversity. 


Meet Leigh

Leigh Kohler – BCom (Hons), MBA 

Head of DFM 

Industry experience – 20 years 

Leigh joined INN8 Invest/STANLIB Multi-Manager in 2020 as Head of DFM. He started in the industry in 2003 at Glacier. Leigh held a number of roles at Glacier including Head: Investment Administration; Head: Research; Head: Investment Solutions – a portfolio that included Glacier Research, Glacier Manco; Glacier Invest (DFM)). He then joined Sanlam Multi-Manager in 2019 as Head: Business Solutions, continuing his role within the DFM, but included a broader mandate including product; distribution; proposition; and institutional business.  

Meet Richo

Industry experience – 19 years 

Richo started his career in 2004 at Life Healthcare as a credit analyst. In 2005 he got an opportunity to work for the FSCA as an analyst in their Collective Investment Schemes department, where his passion for unitised investments started. He subsequently joined STANLIB in 2007 and served in multiple roles, including heading up the STANLIB Asset Management Implementation & Analytics team. In 2013 he joined INN8 Invest/STANLIB Multi-Manager as a research analyst, conducting investment research and building investment management tools for the business. Since 2016 he has been a member of the portfolio management team, managing various multi-managed funds and models. He is currently the Joint Head of Portfolio Management of INN8 Invest. Richo completed his BCom Honours (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria in 2003 and is also a CFA Charterholder.

Meet De Wet

Industry experience – 23 years 

De Wet is a qualified actuary with extensive experience in institutional & retail investment, retirement and insurance industries. De Wet is currently the Managing Executive of STANLIB Multi-Manager and INN8 Invest (retail DFM business), jointly responsible for R550bn assets under stewardship, a position he’s held since 2015. During this term at STANLIB he has also been responsible for various other strategic business initiatives, including being a member of STANLIB’s Executive Committee. De Wet is an experienced business leader with a track record for innovation, execution and business success.  

Prior to joining STANLIB in 2015, he was the Liberty Corporate Divisional Director responsible for product development and strategy across their range of investment, annuity and group risk solutions. In this capacity he was also actively involved in and represented Liberty on retirement reform and other industry-related matters.     

Prior to joining Liberty in 2010 he held various roles at Old Mutual, including Head of Consultant Relationships & Product Strategy and Head of Guaranteed Investment Portfolios.  Prior to this he spent four years in the UK working for Willis Towers Watson as a Specialist Investment Consultant. 

Meet Kent

Industry experience – 25 years 

Kent has been with Group since inception and has been responsible for the daily management of the Multi-Manager Global Funds since 2008.  He first joined the group with Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank in 1997 and has been managing global portfolios since 2002.  Kent’s experience includes offshore management for Fidelity Investments and portfolio manager for Standard Bank Fund Managers.  Before being seconded to BNP Paribas Investment Partners in London, Kent worked for STANLIB Asset Management where he headed up asset allocation for the groups foreign allowance funds.  During his time in South Africa, his portfolios received three Standard & Poor’s / Financial Mail Fund Awards for being the best in their sector.  More recently, his portfolios have won three Personal Finance / Raging Bull Awards for Best Offshore returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Meet Melvyn

Industry experience – 15 years 

Melvyn joined INN8 Invest/STANLIB Multi-Manager in 2020 as an Investment Specialist. Prior to joining the Group, he spent close to 5 years at Trine Capital, a DFM and hedge fund business he co-founded in 2016, as a senior investment analyst and co-portfolio manager.  Before co-founding Trine Capital, Melvyn was employed by Glacier by Sanlam as a senior investment analyst.  During his tenure at Glacier, he gained a wealth of experience focussing on asset management research, portfolio construction and the creation of model portfolios for brokerages and other wealth management companies.  

Meet Lucky

Industry Experience – 12 years  

Lucky joins us from FNZ where he was a Client Owner focused on SA, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Eswatini and Zimbabwe. He joined STANLIB in 2011 where he held a number of roles for 11 years including client services, Technical Fund Support and Business Development Manager. 

Lucky is in the process of completing his MBA. He has a Bachelors and Honours Degree in Business Administration. He also completed numerous courses at GIBS including Digital Transformation, Fintech & Digital Disruption.