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Get Answers to Your Client’s Emigration Questions

Another Insightful INN8 webinar

Get the facts about what options are available to clients considering a second passport or a move overseas

As clients increasingly consider moving overseas or acquiring a second passport, they turn to you for expert guidance on this journey.

In October, host Jennifer Anderson was joined by expert Natalie Williams-Ashman from Immigration South Africa.

From offshore visas and practicalities to consider, to the various requirements for some of the most popular destinations, the duo answered all the questions you need to know.

Learning outcomes include

Many clients are considering a move overseas or obtaining another passport and are looking to you as their adviser to help them navigate the journey. Join us as we explore the fascinating topic of emigration and offshore visas with our expert speaker Natalie Williams-Ashman from Immigration South Africa. We’ll discuss what options are available, popular destinations and how the process works for each, and opportunities and pitfalls to look out for. Some of the latest developments and changes will be highlighted in this fast-changing environment, as well as practical things to consider when making the move. We’ll also dissect the financial aspect of emigration, and cover how the process works, options available to clients, and tax implications.

Learning outcomes:

  • Options available to clients looking to acquire a second passport
  • Process to emigrate to specific destinations
  • South African tax exit process
  • Options regarding taking discretionary and retirement savings out of South Africa
  • Tax implications of withdrawing from investments for emigration

The speakers

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Senior Technical Specialist

Jennifer Anderson joined the INN8 team in early 2020 as Head of Investment Platform Product & Communications after heading up Product development for the STANLIB Platform since 2017. Jennifer specialises in the retail investment industry specifically in the areas of investment platforms, product design and management, regulation, compliance and process optimisation.

Prior to joining INN8, Jennifer held a senior platform strategy and management role at Hollard Investments and was one of the founders of the Wealthport Platform. Jennifer is a Category III Key Individual and has a Bachelor of Business Science and Information systems cum laude from the University of Cape Town.

Jennifer’s passion is enabling financial freedom, she’s been saving for retirement since she was in the womb!


Natalie Williams-Ashman

Managing Director
Immigration South Africa

Natalie Williams-Ashman is the managing director of a boutique immigration company, Immigration South Africa. They offer the full array of South African visas for their corporate, entertainment industry and private clients. Their outbound business focuses on investment and entrepreneurial-based programmes for the US, Canada, the UK and the EU countries.

Prior to heading up Immigration South Africa, Natalie worked a management consulting working across the public healthcare, retail and financial services sectors.

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