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With Asset Managers

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In the second episode of our asset manager series, INN8 Invest’s manager research analyst, Cleo Molepo, talks quality investing with Ninety One’s portfolio manager, Sumesh Chetty. 

Sumesh leads absolute return strategies and co-manages the Cautious Managed and Absolute Balanced Strategies. With an actuarial background, he brings extensive experience and has been a key player since joining in 2007. Graduated with honors in Actuarial Science, Sumesh holds fellowships in both the UK and South Africa’s Actuarial Societies. 

Together they unpack the investment process in action connecting what quality means for an investment strategy and how the team navigates key inflictions points. Tune into our podcast today and connect the dots. 


Jennifer Henry

Jennifer Henry

INN8 Invest

Cleo Molepo

Cleo Molepe

INN8 Invest

MicrosoftTeams-image (59)

Sumesh Chetty

Ninety One

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