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The Origin Story of Ruan Janse van Rensburg

In the dynamic world of business development at INN8, Ruan Janse van Rensburg shares his remarkable journey from recruitment surprise to becoming an integral part of the INN8 universe.

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Can you share a bit about your journey to INN8? How did you start, and what has been the most exciting part of your experience so far?

I joined the INN8 universe on 15 April 2019. It was a recruiter that contacted me out of the blue for a BDM position at INN8. I had an interview with Georgina Smith and the rest is history. The company culture and its people is what stands out, just quality all around. The best part about INN8 is probably that we don’t stand still, there’s always something happening and the platform keeps improving every quarter.

What does a typical day look like for you as a BDM for INN8 Investment Platform? Any interesting or challenging moments that stand out?

It’s all about the advisers and their clients. A typical day would be a couple of meetings with advisers and then fielding emails, calls and whatsapps from our advisers and their clients. There’s been many great and tough moments throughout the last 5 years but the last couple has stood out just in terms of how far the platform has come.

What are the key skills or insights you’ve gained that have been crucial for success in business development at INN8?

Our clients and advisers come first. We need to listen to understand and build relationships.

Could you share a project or client interaction that you found particularly rewarding or memorable? What made it stand out?

It’s probably when our distribution gets together – just great times not only on a learning aspect but socially to (we like to have fun).

Can you share a story about a client interaction that taught you something valuable or left a lasting impression?

There’s too many to single one out but it comes down to actually caring for the adviser and assistant. Getting to know them and their familiess, it makes the “job” so much more meaningful.

What’s a challenge you’ve faced as a BDM, and how did you overcome it? Any lessons learned?

Biggest challenge is when things go wrong they tend to go wrong properly. Trying to remain calm when things get tough are key to coming out on the other side. We’re in a high pressure environment when things are usually important and urgent.

In your time at INN8, how have you personally grown, either professionally or personally? Are there any experiences that have shaped you?

Definitely, personally and professionally. Being surrounded by great people you improve yourself and learn from the others. Spending time together with colleagues and clients on a daily basis has its perks!

If you could go back and give advice to yourself when you started as a BDM at INN8, what would it be? What advice do you have for someone aspiring to join the INN8 family?

Be open for advice, ask questions, listen, work hard and build relationships.