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Join host Jennifer Anderson to unpack the state of retirement savings in South Africa with industry expert Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser

We’ll look back at the biggest shifts in the industry over the last few decades and address the issue of why the post-Covid world demands a complete rethink of financial advice, particularly now that the concepts of “ageing”, mental health, and retirement itself have been so dramatically impacted over the last four years.

We’ll critically assess Regulation 28, discuss what the thinking really was behind the introduction of the two pot changes on the retirement landscape, and where we could potentially see the industry evolve to in the future.

Learning outcomes include

  • An overview of the biggest shifts and changes in the retirement savings industry over the past 30 years
  • A comparison of South Africa’s retirement savings system compared to that of other countries 
  • Exploring how attitudes to retirement and savings differ across generations and cultures
  • Critically reviewing Regulation 28 and whether it has benefitted members 
  • The expected effect the Two Pot changes will have on the retirement landscape
  • A discussion on auto enrolment of employees into retirement funds
  • The effect of prescribed assets and the National Social Security fund have on retirement savings
  • The evolution of financial advice in a post COVID environment

The speakers

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Head of Investment Platform Product & Communications

Jennifer Anderson joined the INN8 team in early 2020 as Head of Investment Platform Product & Communications after heading up Product development for the STANLIB Platform since 2017. Jennifer specialises in the retail investment industry specifically in the areas of investment platforms, product design and management, regulation, compliance and process optimisation.

Prior to joining INN8, Jennifer held a senior platform strategy and management role at Hollard Investments and was one of the founders of the Wealthport Platform. Jennifer is a Category III Key Individual and has a Bachelor of Business Science and Information systems cum laude from the University of Cape Town.

Jennifer’s passion is enabling financial freedom, she’s been saving for retirement since she was in the womb!

2.Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser-35 (1)

Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser

Co-Founder of Responsible Finance Initiative
Gordon Institute of Business Science

Anne is Adjunct Faculty, Practice Director and Co-Founder of the Responsible Finance Initiative at the Gordon Institute of Business Sciences. It’s a role that perfectly combines her professional skills: 40 years in asset management and finance – with her academic training and passion: Developmental Anthropology. The question she has been grappling with for the past 10 years is “How can we rethink finance and the financial services industry to create more meaningful outcomes for developing economies?”

Before co-founding the RFI, Anne headed up the Alexander Forbes Research Institute – an initiative that looks at the full spectrum of savings, investment and wellness issues that confront South Africans in particular and Africans in general. This research can be accessed through

Anne also spent 32 years managing pension fund assets in North America, Japan, the UK, Europe and South Africa. In 1992, she moved to South Africa and pioneered the development of the multi-manager management approach of pension fund management that has become the hallmark of that industry today.

In South Africa, Anne founded the publication Collective Insight. This provides a forum for practitioners and academics to debate how financial services can address the broader social, environmental and governance issues of South Africa.

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