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Welcome to Connect the Dots, the podcast where our host, Imelda Watkins, a distinguished portfolio manager at INN8 Invest, delves into the intricate world of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) alongside guests Unathi Loos, Deputy Head of SA Equity & Multi-Asset at Ninety-One, and Oyena Mtuzula, Head of Credit at Terebinth. 

Together, they navigate the complexities of ESG integration within investment processes, exploring the nuanced dynamics inherent in ESG-driven decision-making. Furthermore, our experts meticulously dissect the associated risks from a fixed income perspective, providing invaluable insights for discerning investors. 

We invite you to join Imelda, Unathi, and Oyena as they meticulously Connect the Dots on ESG, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise to elevate your professional practice to new heights. 


Imelda Watkins

Imelda Watkins

INN8 Invest


Unathi Loos


Oyena Mtuzula


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