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The Origin Story of Angela Nxumalo

Relationships make the world go round. In the competitive landscape of financial services, people like Angela Nxumalo are the maestros of connection. She has a knack for weaving tight bonds with her colleagues, crafting robust relationships with her clients, and continually arming herself with the right skills and knowledge needed for success.

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Can you share a bit about your journey at INN8? How did you start, and what has been the most exciting part of your experience so far? 

My INN8 journey has been very exciting. It was a completely new experience. The most exciting part, so far, has been working with other young, dynamic people who are there for each other, who are high-energy, and always ready to make a great impact. 

What does a typical day look like for you as a Business Development Manager at INN8? Any interesting or challenging moments that stand out? 

As a Business Manager, I have days that are dynamic in structure. Usually, it begins with me updating myself on current affairs and what’s new in our industry. Throughout the day I attend meetings with clients. 

I provide training on our systems and do product training as part of my day-to-day. An important element is to build and maintain relationships with key partners and to establish new connections.  

In your role, what are the key skills or insights you’ve gained that have been crucial for success in business development at INN8? 

Some of the skills that I have gained that have been crucial, are skills and tips for sales and negotiations, the ability to identify potential business opportunities, building relationships with clients, and successfully get their buy-in into the business. The second skill I would say is instrumental, has been the ability to analyse and identify new growth opportunities and to then develop strategic plans to expand the business. 

I would like to add communication skills. For me, this is the most critical skill that I use – even in my personal life. This involves effective verbal and written communication skills for building relationships, presenting and being able to read the room and get buy-in from clients. 

Could you share a project or client interaction that you found particularly rewarding or memorable? What made it stand out? 

My favourite project was collaborating with SASFIN, Reitway Global and Prescient in hosting an adviser event. I found collaboration with the different companies and making the event a success very rewarding. The adviser engaged us, as their host, and we could add value to how they will be engaging with their clients going forward. 

Building relationships with clients is a crucial aspect of business development. Can you share a story about a client interaction that taught you something valuable or left a lasting impression? 

I recently asked one of the financial planners that I support why she was in this industry. She told me a story about a couple that was married and then got divorced later in their lives. They lived a comfortable life, with the husband working and the wife not needing to work or understanding the finances of the household as she believed the husband had everything under control. 

After the divorce, the wife came to the financial planner, worried that her son would not be able to attend university. The financial planner could update her on the value of her one investment, which was enough after the effect of compounding interest. 

She told me that the look of relief on her client’s face when she realised her son’s dreams would come true was enough motivation to continue with the work she was doing. She was helping generational dreams come to life. 

Every role comes with its challenges. What’s a challenge you’ve faced as a Business Development Manager (BDM), and how did you overcome it? Any lessons learned? 

One challenge I faced as a BDM was navigating the different internal systems and understanding what access I needed to make me more effective in my day-to-day operations. How I overcame that, was to be more proactive and reach out to colleagues, continuously asking them questions about the business structure. 

In your time at INN8, how have you personally grown, either professionally or personally? Are there any experiences that have shaped you? 

I have grown in identifying and building strong professional network connections, which has opened opportunities for collaborations in the industry. 

If you could go back and give advice to yourself when you started as a BDM at INN8, what would it be? What advice do you have for someone aspiring to join the INN8 family? 

To the future INN8 Business Development Manager, I would say: “Focus on building strong internal relationships, especially in the first months and be very proactive in making sure you fully understand the internal systems. Make sure you have all the access you need to set you up for success.”