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Digital Tools to Grow Your Financial Advice Business Part 4: Productivity

The key to streamlining your business’ processes is to adopt the right digital tools to increase and better manage your time. This selection of tools could be the help you need.

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Some of the most productive businesses in the world have adopted a collection of digital tools and apps to help them increase work levels.

Like many business owners, there comes a time when your to-do list appears too big to handle, even though there are many tasks you could accomplish quickly. If only you had more time!

Well, while you might not have the ability to stretch time, you sure do have the power to organise processes so that you can get more done. One way to do this is by adopting apps and tools to help you manage time, track process and remove those distractions.

Compounding the improvements in the small things assists in streamlining the way you work, and adopting INN8’s selection of productivity tools below could be the change you need – just remember to not overcomplicate matters by adopting a tool that isn’t right for you!

Please note: Not all are free, and most you will need to upgrade pricing plans for added benefits.


Evernote offers you an online platform on which to not only write and save notes but share them, too, so you can easily access your thoughts without having to sift through sheets of exam pads and napkins to find what you’re looking for.

You can even save websites and articles and pop in a video or image.

Junxure Cloud CRM

When it comes to personalised Client Relationship Management (CRM), Junxure is great because it specialises in independent financial adviser firms.

It helps to efficiently manage your internal tasks, keep track of each client relationship, and create a seamless experience, both for new clients and clients you’ve known for years.

Go on, give it a try.


Accountability is the name of this game, CommitTo3 doing exactly what its moniker suggests: each day, each employee commits to three tasks they will complete and shares them with the team.

It also suggests which tasks should be prioritized for the day, and can go so far as to reveal whether the team is on the same page for the significance of certain tasks; waiting on you for work, or if they are working on a task that you might be waiting on.

After all, three goals are a lot easier to commit to, both in your personal and professional life.

This article is a part of a series in which we aim to inspire you to leverage technology to change the way you do business. To find out about more digital tools, click here.

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