Demystifying Offshore Investing, The Tax Edition

In the second episode of our podcast series, Michael Summerton chats South African tax with Elana Nel from Stonehage Fleming.
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In the second episode of our podcast series, Demystifying Offshore Investing, Michael Summerton, INN8’s Head of Proposition and Marketing, chats to Elana Nel, Director of Tax at Stonehage Fleming. The discussion centres around some of the tax implications of just being South African and investing offshore.

Listen now:

A fantastic introductory session on South African tax, the topics covered in the podcast include: 

  • The South African basis for taxation and what it really means
  • What factors SARS looks at to classify South African tax payers
  • What circumstance SARS would use the physical presence test
  • The different tax treatment for endowments versus holding assets directly
  • What would happen on death for a directly-held asset
  • Potential risks and considerations for clients post 2020 budget speech
  • What constituted as formal immigration
  • The things to consider when considering death
  • What would happen on death if you don’t deal with your foreign assets
  • Why getting the most appropriate tax advice is essential when investing offshore

This podcast is the second in a limited series, Demystifying Offshore Investing, where we attempt to simplify some of the more confusing aspects of investing offshore. Keep an eye out for our next episode.

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