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The INN8 webinar series aims to digitally connect the adviser with the expert. From investment and market insights, to practice development and our highly popular technical webinars, we ensure the topics are engaging, interesting, and add value to you, your business and your clients.

All our webinars are broadcasted live and, being adviser-led, attendees are welcome to ask questions during the session for a robust conversation. Every webinar brings you content that qualifies for CPD points

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Webinar information

  • All webinars are broadcasted live
  • You are required to register in order to attend a webinar
  • When you register for your first INN8 webinar, you will be added to our mailing list
  • We use the Zoom platform to broadcast our webinars. You can view in your browser or download the app, both across all devices
CPD information
  • We always apply for CPD points for our webinars
  • You can earn CPD points in two ways:
    • By attending more than 100% of the webinar: This information is captured when you join the webinar through your unique registration link which you will receive once you have registered. Through this method, you will automatically qualify for a CPD point and the certificate will be sent to you via email after the webinar
    • By completing a CPD assessment: This is a set of five multiple choice questions based on the content of the webinar. Surveys will be sent in the thank you email and are available on the webinar webpage. Please note that a CPD assessment is not suitable for every webinar
  • Those who automatically qualify for CPD certificates will receive one within two weeks after the webinar. 
  • Those who complete the assessment will recieve certificates at the end of the month in which the assessment was completed
  • Without fail, all certificates will be distributed before the CPD year closes, usually at the end of May
  • Once the year is closed, CPD points from within that period will not count towards the new CPD period

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